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1.  All persons entering the compound must seek permission from the office before proceeding any further.


2.  Parents should not approach or question any student to try to settle disputes.  All disputes will be handled by the relevant authority.


3.  Parents wishing to withdraw a child before dismissal must report to the office to sign the Early Dismissal Book before leaving with the child.


4. All persons entering the compound should be dressed appropriately.


Enrichment Activities

This list is update at the beginning of every school year. Therefore the information listed is subject to change.



We have two football programs: Valley Soccer, GMC and VSADC.


For Valley Soccer, contact Mr. Nicholas (teacher) of call the instructor, Mr. Daniel at 484-6658.

For GMC, contact Mrs. Henville (teacher) or Mr. St. Rose, the instructor.

For VSADC contact Mr. Nicholas (teacher), or Mr. Kirton (instructor) at 285-2592.