Thanks Giving and Award Ceremony

Thursday, 25th June,2015 was a beautiful day. A perfect day to host the second annual Awards and Thanksgiving Ceremony of the Camille Henry Memorial School. Of the one hundred and two eligible students, the ninety-eight who attended were excited and more than a little bit nervous. A very smart looking group indeed.

The day began, with the graduands’ entrance to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance”. Parents looked on, chests puffed up like peacocks, while surreptitiously dabbing at the corners of their eyes, as their angels walked past to claim their seats under the designated tents.

The ceremony officially began, as all things do at CHMS, with prayer and praise; the scripture reading was done by one of the graduands, Arvanni Sonny. This was followed by an address from our esteemed principal, Ms. Dieudonné. There were two other addresses by the District Education Officer, Ms. Martha Foster, as well as a minister of religion, Mr. Denver Pierre.

Ms. Foster, encouraged the students to continue to make the school proud with their excellent performances at the various national exams and especially the Common Entrance Examinations.

Mr. Pierre informed the students that God’s plan was for them to be successful!

Thea Daniel introduced the guest speaker and ensured that everyone was fully acquainted with Ms. Marva Daniel before she even uttered one word. Ms. Daniel kept the audience totally enraptured and engaged by her very interactive discourse. She shared many quotes on optimism and reminded her audience that the optimist, “…isn’t one who doesn’t fail, but one who is willing to begin again after every failure until success has been achieved,”

The performances by Children of Destiny as well as the group of Grade Six students served to remind one and all of the extent and variety of talent which exists at this institution among our students. Ms. Joseph and Ms. Phillip brought the house down with their duet of  “The Prayer”.

Principal Presenting students with Certificates

Principal presenting students with certificates.

The highlight of the day’s activities was the distribution of awards and certificates. Every student received a certificate of attendance as well as a token from the principal and staff in the form of ‘soldier tags’. Over sixty awards were handed out in  the following categories:

  • Star Students
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • General Paper
  • Sportsmanship
  • Most Determined
  • Most Improved
  • Most Responsible
  • Most Committed
  • Contribution to School Life
  • Team Player
Grade six teacher presents graduand with special award.

Grade six teacher presents graduand with special award.

At the end of the ceremony, Lenore Adjodha turned out to be the greatest recipient, winning six awards including the coveted principal’s award.

The ceremony culminated with the valedictorian’s speech, by Leonre Adjodha and the vote of thanks given by Dantè Sandiford.



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