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Return of Uniformed Groups to Camille Henry

There has been a marked absence of uniformed groups at the Camille Henry Memorial School.  This has by no means detracted from the quality of life here. However, it is something that was sorely missing. This period of longing is done.

Thanks Giving and Award Ceremony

Thursday, 25th June,2015 was a beautiful day. A perfect day to host the second annual Awards and Thanksgiving Ceremony of the Camille Henry Memorial School. Of the one hundred and two eligible students, the ninety-eight who attended were excited and more than a little bit nervous. A very smart looking group indeed.




1.  All persons entering the compound must seek permission from the office before proceeding any further.


2.  Parents should not approach or question any student to try to settle disputes.  All disputes will be handled by the relevant authority.


3.  Parents wishing to withdraw a child before dismissal must report to the office to sign the Early Dismissal Book before leaving with the child.


4. All persons entering the compound should be dressed appropriately.